Diet and Diaper Rash Butt Paste

Baby Bottoms 101: Diet & Diaper Rash

If your baby has diaper rash, adding or removing certain foods from her diet can speed up healing and soothe symptoms.
Changing baby diaper

Must-Know Diaper Rash Facts

Does your baby have a case of the diaper rash blues? We’ve got tips to help you banish those pesky bumps.

Top Diaper Rash Questions You’ve Probably Googled

When it comes to diaper rash, moms around the globe have the same questions about it, so today we’re answering them.
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Top Ten Tips for New Parents

Rosie Pope, the creative force behind Rosie Pope Maternity and Rosie Pope Baby, shares her top ten tips for new parents!
Eating Healthy Can Improve Breastfeeding Experience for New Moms

Beneficial Nutrients for Breastfeeding Mamas

While you’re breastfeeding, there are nutrients your body needs to stay strong, energetic and keep that precious milk supply flowing.
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The Best Foods for Baby’s First Meals

If you’re working on baby’s mealtime menu, we’ve got tips about the best first foods based on stages of digestive development.
Sleeping Baby

Creating a Safe Sleep Environment for Your Newborn

Following ‘Safe to Sleep’ guidelines and creating a safe sleep environment ensures peaceful rest for you and your baby.
Boudreauxs butt paste fights diaper rash

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste®: Kicking (Diaper) Rash & Taking Names

Moms in-the-know say the words “butt paste” with pride because Boudreaux’s has been making baby booties happy since 1978.
Baby Crying at Bedtime While Standing in the Crib

Getting a Baby to Sleep Through the Night

If you’re waking up every two hours with your baby, we’ve got tips to help you snag more zzz’s!
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The ABC’s of Your Baby’s Developing Digestive System

Understanding how your baby’s digestion works can ease your mind and help you soothe common tummy woes.