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Mommy Must-Haves for Baby

New moms, experienced moms and super moms can quickly name their must-have baby products. We lovingly refer to it as our mommy tool belt—the essentials we can grab in seconds to soothe, ease and comfort a cranky baby.

We tend to learn what’s really important with baby #1. For example, if your baby got a diaper rash, you probably texted all of your mommy friends within minutes in search of the best diaper cream. That’s exactly what we did!

My son’s first instance of those nasty red bumps literally happened overnight. We ran out of our favorite diapers and used the “backup” diaper.  Big mistake! The next morning we saw that mean ol’ rash on his cute tush and we texted our friends for advice. They swore by Boudreax’s Butt Paste®. Sure, we laughed a bit at the name and the packaging, but he never had diaper rash again.

In fact, I went out and bought vats of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste® (16oz) just to be safe, along with two 2oz tubes for my diaper bag. That’s called living the #momlife!


What else is in that mommy tool belt? Let’s take a look:

Chipper Cheeks

As you well know, diaper changes are constant and the surprises you find in those little diapers are icky.  Think about your baby’s soft, sensitive skin in contact with a soiled surface, and it just makes sense why baby’s bum needs a layer of protection.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste® ointment is pharmacist-formulated to protect baby’s skin from moisture, keeping sensitive skin dry and rash-free. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste ® not only helps to prevent diaper rash, but also helps treat it. You can find Boudreaux’s Butt Paste® in its original formula, Maximum Strength or Natural with a touch of aloe for particularly sensitive skin.

Easing Newborn Tummies

A newborn with an unhappy tummy due to colic, gas bubbles or hiccups is no fun. These symptoms will make babies fussy and uncomfortable, which impacts feedings and sleeping.  If you’ve tried all of your best burping techniques and soothing strategies, but they aren’t giving her relief, these Little Remedies® products can come in handy.

Gas pain and colic symptoms seem to go hand-in-hand. Gas bubbles can be triggered by colic, because baby swallows a lot of air while crying. Additionally, if baby is fussy because she has gas pain, that can spark long bouts of crying (AKA colic). That’s why super moms have both gripe water and gas relief drops nearby.

Gripe Water is a mixture of various herbs and is considered to be effective for quickly relieving baby’s stomach discomfort. Gas Relief Drops can even be mixed with formula or water, offering a quick solution for gassy babies.

Rescuing Stuffy Noses

Newborns with stuffy noses and dry nasal passages can send the calmest mom into a panic. When her cute little nose doesn’t work, it impacts her feedings and sleeping. Remember, little babies can’t blow their own noses, so it’s up to you to use an aspirator to clear her nose. And moms know babies hate aspirators.

One way you can avoid the aspirator vs. baby battle is to use saline. Little Remedies® Sterile Saline Mist is non-medicated and preservative-free. I speak from experience on this product, because I used it myself on my own nose. Unlike old-school saline flushes, this one is truly a fine mist, so it’s much more comfortable. The soft tip on the nozzle makes it extra easy to use.

Did we forget something? What must-haves are in your mommy tool belt? Let us know in the comments section on our Boudreaux’s Butt Paste® Facebook page!