Babies don't come with instructions. So when you think yours has diaper rash, trust Boudreaux®'s to help you get back to happy cheeks. Use our resources below to identify, treat and prevent baby's diaper rash. Get ready to kick some rash®!

Identifying Diaper Rash

Diaper rash occurs in many varieties. Make sure you have the right product so you can kick some rash!

Mild Diaper Rash

Mild Diaper Rash

Faint pinkness in the diaper area and a few raised bumps
Apply Boudreaux's Original Butt Paste® or Boudreaux's Butt Paste® with Natural* Aloe

Moderate Diaper Rash

Moderate Diaper Rash

Definite pinkness in a large area and small areas of redness with scattered, raised bumps (papules).
Apply Boudreaux's Maximum Strength Butt Paste®

Moderate to Severe Diaper Rash

Intense redness, peeling, raised bumps (papules) and some fluid- containing bumps (pustules).
Contact your physician

Three Easy Steps to Prevent Diaper Rash

1 Change

Change any wet or soiled diapers early and often.

2 Dry

Cleanse the diaper area and allow to dry.

3 Apply

Use any Boudreaux's Butt Paste® ointment liberally and as often as necessary with each diaper change and especially when exposed to wet diapers for a prolonged period of time, such as bedtime.

Rash prevention

Use our Butt Barrier Ointment! A sheer protective barrier to help prevent diaper rash


Diaper Rash Causes

How to Prevent

Prolonged wetness from urine or diarrhea on baby's sensitive skin Clean wet or soiled diaper immediately
Friction as a result of diapers that are too tight Make sure your babies diaper is not too tight!
An allergic reaction to things like diaper wipes, soap, detergent or fabric softener Your baby may be allergic to things like wipes, soap, detergent or fabric softener. Try using fragrance-free products.
Changes in your baby's diet - like introducing table foods - may cause diaper rash, because of frequency of her stool When introducing new foods to your baby, expect higher frequency of stool
Yeast overgrowth (candida dermatitis) can be a cause of diaper rash Give your baby time without a diaper on to further help dry out the diaper area