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Maximum Strength

Maximum Strength Butt Paste®

Twice the rash kicking ingredient of Original for when you need a little more


Original Butt Paste®

The original pharmacist-formulated Butt Paste® treats and prevents diaper rash with every changing.

With Natural* Aloe

With Natural Aloe

Helps fight diaper rash with natural aloe and plant-based ingredients**

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Butt Paste®

Specially formulated hypoallergenic formula for sensitive skin.

Butt Barrier Ointment

Butt Barrier Ointment

Daily prevention and protection with plant-based ingredients

Diaper Cream Brush Applicator

Diaper Cream Brush Applicator

Keep baby’s butt rash free and your hands mess free.

Rash Kicking Kit

Rash Kicking Kit

Everything you need to help prevent and treat diaper rash in one booty-friendly box!