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How to Soothe Your Baby’s Stuffy Nose Now

When your baby has diaper rash, you’d do anything to make it go away. The same can be said of stuffy noses. When your baby’s cute little nose is stuffed up, it can make her miserable. She may not be eating, napping, playing or sleeping very well. And since she can’t blow it to clear out the gunk, that makes it even harder to soothe.

So what’s the best way to relieve that sad little nose? Well, Little Remedies® has helpful go-to solutions that can ease symptoms quickly so your baby feels better and everyone can enjoy days full of giggles and smiles.

The difference between a runny nose and a stuffy nose

When it comes to describing congestion, the terms runny nose and stuffy nose are used interchangeably. But there are differences between the two. If you can tell the difference, it can help you choose the right product to ease her symptoms.

If your baby is doing her normal activities and seems happy, but her nose is running, there probably isn’t anything to worry about. Although a constant runny nose can be gross, it’s a good sign because it means her sinuses are functioning properly and she’s keeping irritants out of her system.

A stuffy nose means the mucus in her nose is thicker with a yellow or greenish color. This can be an indication that she’s fighting off an infection due to the common cold or allergies. This type of mucus tends to block the nasal cavities and cause sinus passages to swell. If the mucus isn’t expelled, that’s why her nose is stuffy.

Saline spray to the rescue

The good news is you can relieve a stuffy nose safely and effectively with saline. It’s been used around the world for centuries as a natural remedy for nasal congestion. Saline is a simple mixture of sodium chloride and water. When used in spray form or as an “irrigation” rinse, it works by moisturizing dry nasal cavities. This helps to expel thick mucus, so your baby can breathe easier.

Little Remedies®, a trusted sister brand of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste®, offers a variety of drug-free products designed for baby’s nose like Little Remedies® Sterile Saline Nasal Mist and Little Remedies® Saline Spray/Drops.  Both products are safe for newborns and they’re easy to use. Moms know babies may dislike sprays, but Little Remedies designed their products to fit little noses without discomfort.

Plus, the Little Remedies® Saline Spray/Drops have a dual function so you can use it as a dropper if your infant is lying down or a spray if they are sitting upright.

Cool mist humidifier

While humidifiers may seem like dinosaurs from our childhood, moms know they can work wonders for soothing a stuffy nose. For baby’s nursery, only use a cool mist humidifier, not a warm mist humidifier. Adding extra moisture to the air can help soothe dry nasal passages and break down thick mucus. When it comes to placement, make sure the humidifier is out of baby’s reach and a safe distance away from the crib. Your baby does not have to feel the mist for it to work.

Do you use saline spray, mist or drops to rescue your baby’s stuffy nose? Let us know in the comments section on our Facebook page.